Superior Designs

We worked with top engineers at Old Dominion University and DLBA to create a seamless float pod. No seams or caulk means no mold or mildew which will keep your business and your customers healthy.

engine cell diagram

Quality Components

We recognized that other float pods had inherent and potentially costly flaws. We have chosen the highest quality components to keep your business maintenance costs down.


Upgradable Modular Expansion

As your business grows, you may want to add higher end, luxury components to your float pods to enhance your customer experience. Our system is designed to expand in a snap.


Best Warranty & Support

We believe your pod will last you for years to come but should you need ongoing support, training or maintenance we provide world-class support for the Genesis Float Pod.

US Float News

Float Tank Designer Seeks Better Solution

Float Tank Designer Seeks Better Solution

James Ramsey, owner and designer of the Genesis Float Pod was an early adopter of the float philosophy. He understo...

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Order A Float Tank Today

After years of research and development, the Genesis Float tank is now available for purchase. Contact us today to learn more.